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Jambo Jump

4.7 ( 2947 ratings )
Juegos Entretenimiento Acción Arcade
Desarrollador Knock of Neverland

Championship Mode

You can play more interesting game with world Jambo Jump players.
Challenge and win a bet to be a Jambo Jump Champion NOW !

You can challenge all of the battle rooms if you have enough Honey for the entry fee.
Also you can buy Honey Pack in Honey Store.
It is a chance to take other players honey.
You can receive a reward if you rank in the top 100 of the battle room.
Depending on your rank and the number of participants, the amount of the reward will be arranged.
You can choose the battle rooms you want to join in and select a character.
There are five characters and each character has different advantage.

Before you join, you can check the information of each battle room, such as :

- Remaining time
- Battle leaders information and the best score you need to break in a real time
- Entry fee, Match Mode, Maps

Point Match
- Try to get the highest score to win the battle.
COMBO pionts will help you to get a high score definitely.

Height Match
- Theres no COMBO piont.
Just try to go up and up.
Various booster items will make you go up high quickly.


-Each battle room has different entry fee and reward.
So please check the entry fee!

-Whenever you take part in the Championship, your honey will be paid out for the entry fee.
Please press the START button carefully!

-Championship Mode is requested the connection of Game Center and 3G or WiFi.


If you jump to the highest platform you can, you can get a bonus point.
We call it COMBO JUMP!
And if you continuously perform a Combo Jump, your score will increase quickly.
It is an important key to get a high score in Jambo Jump.

How to play

- It is easy and simple to play this game.

- Tilt your phone to the right and the left to move Jambo characters.

- Keep jumping higher and higher to get a high score.

- Tap to shoot enemies or jump on them.

- Be careful not to touch the web.

- Get booster items that can help you go up and up.

- Be careful of movable and broken platforms.

- Collect the honey to try new characters and maps.
You can also buy honey pack in Honey Store.

- Connect the Game Center and challenge to get the world top rank.

- Simple and Casual game, but addictive.
- Various maps and five characters.
- There are two versions, single mode and championship mode.
  Compete with world players and have a chance to be a Jambo Jump CHAMPION. 
- COMBO point is an important key to get a high score.
- Championship Mode is requested the connection of Game Center and 3G or WiFi.